Point of Purchase Marketing


Remind your customers about your App

   Retailers are now using mobile services for sales, coupons, special events. IconSigns signage is a friendly reminder to shoppers about your App and benefits the App can bring to your relationship with them.

Get the "App Conversation" Started

   Getting the word out about your App is crucial. The first place to start is in your business. Nice design also invokes dialogue, and now that they know about the App, Staff can point to a few reasons why your App would be beneficial to them.

Coupons, Events & Touches

   Boy there is a lot out there on this issue and people are doing all kinds of fun things to drive sales and reinforce branding with their Apps. At IconsSigns, we want to get your business over the first hurdle, Informing your walk-ins about the App.

   Once they know of your App, have your developer add notifications to your App. Notifications are a terrific way to introduce Specials, Soup of the Day, anything.
Ideas: Have your clients show the App for a discount.
            Set up a sales event that brings them into the store.
   PayPal has mobile payments than can be incorporated into an App, giving your clients direct access to all your products

a little tip...Ask them to check in

   When the conversation starts about the App, ask if they checked-in on FaceBook. Facebook & Foursquare check-ins are an excellent way to generate referrals for your business from their friends.. Your Business can follow these trends in Facebook and Foursquare. When the time arrives, Access that market and send out a coupon to those who "checked-in."

  • Get the conversation going
  • Coupons
  • Branding
  • Have them Check-in
  • Mobile is growing 8x faster than internet
  • Get employees involved in Marketing
  • Location, Location, Location...and an app


How to Order:

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Links to help you Market

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Report on FB and Foursquare Check-ins
70% wanted to get more info about a company.

How the Gap used a Check-In
Fall 2010 Check-in Sale. They offered Free Jeans

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