Do you ship internationally?

  Yes, anysize, anyplace FedEx goes. See our Shipping Page.

How long does it take to get a sign?

   Orders are run within 3-5 days. We do offer 48 hr Expedited Production if needed.

Do you have a Reseller Program?

   Developers interested in reselling IconSigns to their clients can look here: ISR Program.

Can you make an IconSign that's a special shape / size?

   Yes, We can print & cut any shape from a huge variety of materials, See our Quote Page

Can I send the icon@2x.png for a sign?

  Sorry, Images on the web are created at a lower resolution than for printing, see Art Requirements.

Can I send the 512 x 512 px be used for a sign?

  Our Pre-Press pros have been havin great success in re-sizing art for printing from the large 512px file. To see if your file is okay, Upload it Here.

Are they easy to install?

   Yes, every IconSign ships with a paper template for you to place on the wall for drilling. By using these templates, not only can you figure out where you want to place them, but also line up an screw in the mounts once, perfectly. There is more information on our Installation page, Here are PDF instructions.

Will you install for us?

   Yes, We do installs within the SFBay Area & the Central Valley from Sacramento to Redding.

How can I see what they will look like on my wall?

   Simple Renderings. We can drop in you icons on photo's you take of you office. Currently this is a free service to serious customers. We will be charging a fee down the road. Take a photo of your wall with a letter size paper taped on the wall where you like your print, Send us the photo and your icon artwork and we'll drop it in, scale it correctly, and send you back the Photo rendering.

How come my question isn't here?

   Please send a quick question using the form above. We'll try to answer it ASAP, then add it to this page.


How to Order:

1. Download Templated of Correct Size
Available as Illustrator of PhotoShop in stock sizes. Merge with your Art, Compress.

2. Order Signs Online Here
Add Signs to Cart, Use our Secure Site or Call Us.

3. Upload Art
Use our Form or FTP.

3. Confirmation & Shipping
We'll send you a order confirmation and shipping confirmation.

Add a Question of your own.

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