Affiliate Links, Earn 5%.

Add a link from your site and make money

   Since we started we have been getting a lot of requests from developers asking how they can resell our signs to their clients. We added an Affiliate link program to our site, We can generate a traceable link that will give your company credit for a sale.

Track your Sales

   Our Link program allows affiliates to track their sales:

  • Make 5% on All Sales
  • Monthly Check for Sales
  • Custom Link for your website
  • Sales Reports.

How it Works

After you complete the form below, we will create a custom links for both code that added to your site and a link for the report that is generated from sales.

This is the sample link you place on your website:

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Sample Report Link

Reports are generated and include Customer Name and Order Number. They are YOUR customer.

Link to Sample Report




Email: sales@iconsigns.net
Sales Phone: 888-408-3028 x 2

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