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James Smith

"I just wanted to let you know that my PQFan has more than 60,000 hours on it and it is still just as quiet and going strong as it was the day I bought it more than 7 years ago."

Alan Linnemeyer

"Just wanted to take a moment and say how please I am with the PQ fans. I knew I wanted quiet but when I plugged the fan in and heard virtually nothing and felt the blast of air I knew I had a winner. As the quality of a cooling fan is totally moot when listening to T2 at theater levels so it becomes critical if this same system is playing music and or movies with quiet passages. Having taken a leap in faith never purchasing from you before this has far exceeded my expectations and I wanted to say thanks."

Bruce Mock

"This is exactly what I wanted, a quiet cabinet fan that really does the job"

Kurt Peters

"I have one and it's so exceptional, I need a second. Great Product!"

Todd Wolf

Hi there, this is exactly what I was looking for but didn't know how to find. I may as well have flipped a coin where I was looking as they all began to look the same with now way of knowing the differences in how they would perform. Not to mention they were built with other goals in mind which I don't necessarily care about, like compromising this or that for the sake of a certain price point. I doubt the build quality is beatable on these, let alone this little device's eerie quietness. Thanks to whoever invented this as it's a completely no BS approach to the needs of an audiophile, and thanks to you guys for selling it.

Joseph in Olympia

"Bought a av cabinet fan from you folks recently and couldn't be more pleased with it! It does a fantastic job keeping my sat receiver cool and is utterly silent! If I ever need more fans, I'll be visiting you again.
Thanks for a great product!"

Chris Neale

This is my 2nd order, loved the first one's!!"

Sean Wilson

The two fans we have in our board room are working perfectly after being run 24/7 for months now. You're my source for fans."

Robert E. Chandhok

"Just what I was looking for! "

Wiley McMinn

"Got the new fan today and I thought it wasn't plugged in it was so quiet!"

Andrew Mills

"bought one, now need 2, works well."

Robert White

"The fan & thermostat work perfectly - thank you. "

Dannie Paige

"I ordered 2 fans and 1 thermostat previously, and decided to add a thermostat to the other fan to maximize the fan's "lifespan". I don't think it needs to be on all of the time. Great product!"