Usually 1 fan per cabinet works well, they move a lot of air, give us a call if you have lots of stuff and are unsure. Toll Free....888-408-3028

1 Amp, 1 DVR, 1 DVD 1 Fan
1 Amp, 1 DVR, 1 DVD, 1 Game Console 1 Fans
1 Amp, 2 DVR's, 1 DVD, 1 Game Console, 1 Power conditioner 2 Fans
Yes, 1-4 Fans can run on our adjustable thermostat. Instructions
UPS and USPS. All Orders ship out the following day.
You can plug the fans into a switched outlet in your amp that will turn on the Fan when you power up the amplifier.
All of our products are in stock all the time.
Absolutely, our repeat buyers and installers swear by them. Our largest customers are sleep clinics and sound booth manufacturers.
Place the fan towards the top of the cabinet blowing out.
It is best to have a hole for intake towards the bottom of your cabinet to draw in cold air.
Yes, we have quite a few international accounts that purchase our 230v PQFan, The Page is Here.