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Incredibly Quiet 29db.

29db is quiet. The PQFan will cool your cabinet without compromising your listening experience. Enjoy your evening with your cabinet doors finally closed.

Protect the life of your equipment

Our fans cool the entire cabinet, quietly. Everyone knows manufacturers design their internal fans to cool only their component. By removing all the heat in your cabinets, you'll rest easy knowing problem is solved.

60 Day Risk Free and 4 Year Warranty

Why do we offer the Longest Refund Policy for our fans? Because our return rate is less than 1%.Our warranty is also fantastic, See why we have a 96% review rating.

Temperature Control Options

1. Adjustable Thermostat

Set your temperature, Choose placement within the cabinet and attach to power cord.

2. Just Plug it in

Our Fans are 120v with a standard plug. Plug it into the switched outlet at the back of the Amp or a power conditioner.

Industry Leading Design and Quality

Incredibly Quiet - Less than 29 db

50 Cubic Feet Minute Airflow

120 Volt AC with 72" cord

Certified by UL, CE, CSA, TUV, and RoHS

Ball Bearing

Cast Aluminum (1.5 Lbs)

Brush-less & Impedance Protected

Size: 5" x 5" x 1.5" (120mm)

Our Benefits

Designed for the Audiophile. 29db is quiet,and blowing 50 CFM at the same time is amazing. Our Fan will let you enjoy watching TV or movies at a comfortable audio level even during the "whispering" scenes. Don't let a loud fan ruin your experience.
Manufacturers design their internal fans to cool only their component. That means you probably unknowingly have some equipment burning up its circuitry. Our cabinet fans cool all of your equipment, not single components.
We have a user adjustable thermostat that can be adjusted to fit your needs, We recommend 86 degrees for long lasting component life.
Since the PQfan runs on normal AC power(120v), Plug the 6 foot cord into your power conditioner, switched outlet or use our thermostat.

Industry Leading Design and Quality

The best way we've found to describe this is to hold fan in your hand, you will barely hear the fan running.
This is enough air movement to cool most cabinets. Larger systems may require additional fans.
Another distinguishing feature, Our fan runs straight off normal AC power, You can plug it right into the AMP, or use the Adjustable Thermostat, or go Fully Automatic with the PQFanAuto. No wall warts. The 6ft cord is unmatched.
Super Long Lasting and Quiet, Ball bearing fans can be mounted in any number of orientations (unlike sleeved).
Solid, Heavy Duty 1.5lb Aluminum for extra durability & Protection.
Designed for extended life & safety.
Standard 120mm...Installs with a 4-3/4 inch Hole Saw. Yes, we rent them when in stock.

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PQFan  $37


"I just wanted to let you know that my PQFan has more than 60,000 hours on it and it is still just as quiet and going strong as it was the day I bought it more than 7 years ago."
James Smith -order 825

"Great experience, great fans. EXTREMELY quiet. I have had different audio fans, some even look and feel exactly like the PQ, but the PQ is FAR quieter than anything I have had. Very highly recommend this to anyone looking for a quality fan that will not be heard while listening to your music, even at very low levels."
Bud Angelo - Order 7177

"The fan & thermostat work perfectly - thank you. "
Robert White - order 1081

"Bought a av cabinet fan from you folks recently and couldn't be more pleased with it! It does a fantastic job keeping my sat receiver cool and is utterly silent! If I ever need more fans, I'll be visiting you again. Thanks for a great product!"
Joseph Steizer - Order 5877

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