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Who are You?

As it relates to Meher Baba activities, I am the person who installed the 23K gold emblem on the door of the NorCal Meher Baba Center (the graphic itself and the installation were donated by me and my sister, Bridget Robinson, who is a follower of Meher Baba).

Do you have permission to use the prayers and arti?

Releases for content were obtained from Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Trust (AMBPPCT), Sufism Reoriented, and MSI Collection for Meher Baba’s image (we used Christopher Ott’s public domain transformation of the image, though we reached out and got the nod from him anyway).

Can you add [fill in the blank] to the app please? OR Is there an Spanish or Android version?

People have suggested additions to the app, for example, favorite Baba songs in a style similar to my Bluegrass Chords songs app [Go To Apple Store] or have asked if I have made an Android version, so here’s the situation:

  • My sister has committed to fund the maintenance costs involved in the English Meher Baba Prayers and Arti app, as required by Apple store for iOS coding.
  • Any new content ideas (e.g. a Spanish app or Android) would require funding by others and would be subject to approval by AMBPPCT and/or other copyright holders. Please note that each local language requires its own app and documentation to be submitted in that language to Apple prior to release

As advertisements are not appropriate, I am unable to create such apps without underwriting, as other languages will require translations and there are ongoing costs when Apple requires coding updates.

If you are interested in funding an iphone app for the Meher Baba community which would be given away without charge and without in-app advertisements, I am willing to consider producing them at a cost below retail rates…


A contract and deposit will be required and all permissions must be secured by you before any work will be started. Also, any crowd funding effort (e.g. Indiegogo) would need to be run by you or your organization.

Finally, this would be a long term commitment as you will be charged for any coding maintenance updates if required by Apple to keep the app on the Apple store (otherwise Apple will remove it).

These are the fine print issues. I want you to know them before getting excited about the idea. Apps are fun, but they have a limited lifespan unless updated.

I do not provide quotes without a well-defined project. If you require design mock-ups for your approval process, they will be charged at $100 per hour.

However, if you are organized with your idea, have chosen Meher Baba photos, and know which font you want to use, a 1 page PDF mockup should cost no more than $200 (paid for in advance by credit card or PayPal). So you know what you would be getting as a mockup, here is the 1 page mockup that was done for the Meher Baba Prayers[GET PDF]

Also, apps take time to produce should committees be involved, so plan for a 4 - 6 month turnaround under those circumstances. Even without committees, please expect 3 to 4 months from “approved mockup to store availability”, as Apple can take up to 2 weeks to approve after I have completed the app, and perhaps longer for various languages.